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The World Scholarship Foundation has the objective of making scholarships accessible to everyone in this world and make it a norm as a stream of income. The foundation will succeed its goal by doing those keys elements. The first one being the main coin (Scholarship Coin (SCHO)) which will be held in the foundations treasury and used as a collateral that will allow the World Scholarship Foundation Reward System (WSFRS) to operate with a stable coin (worth 1$ USD) backed by the foundations treasury. This system will motivate and allow students to be incentivized with the stable coin which will be worth 1$ USD which can then be exchanged to fiat or other cryptocurrencies. The system will allow students from around the world attending recognized elementary schools, high schools, colleges, Technical Institutions and Universities, obtain rewards based on their scholar performance which can then be used to pay off education fees, debt and other expenditures or even save or invest.

What Makes Us Unique?

Current Scholarships are based on a rigorous selection process and are mostly funded by Governments and or private grantors. This rigorous process is a limiting factor and promotes unequal opportunities. The World Scholarship Foundation can bring the current scholarship models to another level. Based on the steady rise of the value of its main cryptocurrency SCHO, the system will be a sustainable model to reward every student based on their scholar notes and other performance factors without being selective. Everyone will have a chance for rewards, whether it be a note of C- or an A+, a professional certificate graduate, or a Ph.D. All forms of successful education are valuable for society and should be allowed to be rewarded in some form. This model will provide opportunities for every student irrespective of their social-financial class and situation. This system will encourage students from all over the world to continue there education and help them in their career.

How it works?

The World Scholarship Foundation is building a rewarding system that will incentivize students based on their grades and acquirement of diplomas or certificates certified by reputed and recognized educational institutions across the world. Currently, the foundation has created the basics of the system which is the launch of the main cryptocurrency called Scholarship Coin (SCHO).
Scholarship Coin (SCHO): SCHO is a mineable cryptocurrency that will be mined and purchased by the Foundation and stored in its treasury to be used as a collateral standard supply to establish the Scholarship
Stable Coin to the value of the U.S. dollar. Anyone who wants to mine SCHO can mine as many coins as they possible can. Just like bitcoin.
The SCHOUSD will be the stable coin used in the system to reward the performance of students. The SCHO and SCHOUSD will be made available on exchanges. Students will then be able to exchange their rewarded stable coins for whatever other cryptocurrency or fiat they wish to exchange their coins for.

Founded in January 2021

The World Scholarship Foundation can reduce the current challenges faced by students around the globe.


The goal of Scholarship Coin is aimed at creating a scholarship model that will encourage students based on their academic performance in their recognized institution.

The future of education

This project is a bridge to better days, a bridge towards the future, a bridge towards accessible education for all. With this in mind, we work to put smiles on each other's faces and to make our world a better place with the use of new technologies.

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